Apple may launch a new external display for Macs soon

Apple is expected to introduce new products in its MacBook series in 2021, and rumours of new accessories from the company are circulating for the following year. According to industry sources, the business will provide new external screens for MacBook users, and this time, the panels will not be prohibitively expensive for purchasers. These claims have now been backed up by a well-known Apple expert.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed in the Q&A portion of his Power On newsletter that he “highly believes[s]” that Apple will release a new external display this year. Apple’s newest Mac range, according to Gurman, will benefit from the new screens, which will be less expensive than the company’s existing Pro Display XDR.

A query posed to Gurman in the most recent edition of his newsletter, which was picked up by 9to5mac, prompted the conjecture. The question explicitly questioned him about his thoughts on Apple’s new external display for the Mac, which was included in the inquiry. Apple’s lower-cost monitor, according to Gurman, will be “a hot seller.” He rationalised his decision by stating that there are many people who want “to add a bigger screen to their new MacBook Pro,” but who do not want to spend “the equivalent of a luxury automobile down payment on the Pro Display XDR.”

Gurman, who was amused by the way Apple is defending the pricing of its Pro Display XDR at the moment, went on to say that the company must now have numerous options for a lower-priced external display to choose from. The Pro Display XDR, he says, has likely seen a reduction in the cost of manufacture at this point in time. In addition, he believes that with a few adjustments “and even a minor reduction in brightness,” Apple may be able to produce a monitor that is half the price of the Pro Display XDR (which is now available for purchase).

Without a doubt, this monitor would be more compact in size than the current alternative. Even at a half-price, though, Gurman feels that Apple should be able to maintain the visual and build quality of its monitors.

In this regard, Gurman’s comment is consistent with previous predictions that Apple may be making efforts in this way. Dylandkt suggested this week that Apple is working on new external displays that would be 24 inches and 27 inches in size. In addition, he provided a hint regarding an enhanced 32-inch Pro Display XDR that may have a bespoke silicon chipset, according to the report.

Of course, none of this is official as of right now, and it’s possible that we’ll have to wait a little longer before we hear anything official from Apple on such external screens. To stay up to speed with such developments from the Apple camp, subscribe to India Today Tech’s YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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