Apple May Introduce Foldable iPhone in Coming Years

Apple is most certainly working hard to get the iPhone 13 out on schedule, which is September. This is due to the iPhone being Apple’s flagship product. However, the iPhone may look quite different in the future. Why? This is because Apple is expected to release its first foldable iPhone in two to three years.

The foldable iPhone is starting to resemble something that Samsung and other foldable manufacturers have been worried about, rather than a pipedream. In addition, Apple intends to replace the Lightning connection with a USB-C port.

The foldable iPhone, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, is very much part of the idea for how Apple’s flagship product will appear and function in the future.

Although the iPhone’s design has evolved over the years, it has remained mostly the same, with minor tweaks here and there. An iPhone with a foldable display will alter all of that.

According to Gurman’s publication Power On, Apple may take at least two to three years to release the foldable iPhone. He had said that Apple has actually developed a prototype of the foldable iPhone earlier this year.

Also, he stated, “I’m not sure what this foldable iPhone would look like, but the ideas around it have thrown in all sorts of whimsy for Apple’s competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold”. Gurman has also said that critics may be dissatisfied with the design of this foldable iPhone since it seems to be shamelessly stolen from Samsung’s folding smartphones. Samsung currently has a good variety of foldable phones, each with a distinctive design, so it is unclear which design would be an influence for the foldable iPhone.

While a foldable iPhone seems to be a long-term possibility, Apple may finally be contemplating eliminating the iPhone’s erratic charging mechanism. The present charging scenario for the iPhone includes Apple’s proprietary Lightning connection and connector, which has often been chastised for its lack of universality. However, according to Gurman, this may change. Apple may decrease the number of charger designs from five to three. And this may be the start of Apple’s ambitions to replace the Lightning connection with the USB-C port that MacBooks and iMacs currently have.

The USB-C port is found on almost every gadget. Except for the iPhone, you can find it on a smartphone, a laptop, headphones, and any other device you can think of. Previous rumors suggested that Apple was contemplating adding a USB-C connector to the iPhone family, but this has yet to materialize.

The newsletter also discusses Apple’s intention to transition from Intel CPUs to Silicon chips. Gurman thinks that Apple will finish the transfer of the whole Mac line from Intel to Silicon in less than two years. So far, Apple has included an M1 CPU to the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iMac. According to him, the whole family might have Silicon by November 2022. This will feature Apple’s M1X CPU, which is expected to power the next MacBook Pro this year, according to Gurman.

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