Apple testing Face ID With a Mask feature

As a result of the epidemic, we were forced to use masks as a vital part of our daily lives, and Apple was one of the first few firms to offer workarounds for unlocking phones. Initially, when your iPhone recognised a mask on your face, it would simply switch to the passcode system.

Apple then made the procedure even simpler by allowing Apple Watch wearers to unlock their iPhones without having to input a passcode or remove their masks. Now, it appears that it is time for yet another shift. It’s a huge one. Apple is experimenting with the ability of the iPhone to allow Face ID to function while wearing a mask, without the requirement for the Apple Watch.

The first developer beta of iOS 15.4 has a useful feature that allows you to configure your iPhone to recognise your face with your Face ID even while you are wearing a mask. It was discovered by YouTuber Brandon Butch, who also provided screenshots to offer us a better understanding of how Apple will make Face ID function while half of the user’s face is hidden. In the Face ID and Passcode settings on the iPhone, there is a new option called ‘Use Face ID With a Mask,’ which you may enable to allow the iPhone to use Face ID when the user is wearing a mask. There are, however, certain limitations.

According to Apple’s explanation of the functionality, Face ID will perform more correctly when it is configured “for full-face recognition exclusively.

That implies that a mask may prevent Face ID from functioning properly with complete security. Apple claims that the “iPhone can recognise the distinctive characteristics surrounding the eye area to verify” for Face ID With a Mask to function properly. According to 9to5Mac, another snag is that this function will only be available on iPhones that are newer than the current model.

Even though the function is introduced at least two years after everyone has been accustomed to donning masks, it is still a first.

Apple is also working on enhancing Face ID identification for when you are wearing glasses, according to the company. As Apple notes in the feature description, “Using Face ID while wearing a mask works best when it’s configured to detect each pair of glasses you wear regularly.”

Apple, on the other hand, has advised that sunglasses would not function properly when masks are used. Since masks and glasses are worn, there is very little of the fact that Face ID can read properly. Face ID would not function if you were wearing sunglasses since they would obscure the region surrounding your eyes. Regular glasses, such as reading glasses, may, on the other hand, be sufficient for Face ID.

Only testers and developers have access to the new Face ID feature because it is included in the iOS 15.4 beta release. The company will have to wait a while before making it available to the general public. If Apple discovers an issue with the feature or if testers provide unfavourable input, it is also possible that you will not be able to access the function.

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