Apple Delays In-App Account Deletion Requirement till June 30

An in-app account cancellation method must be provided by developers by June 30th, according to Apple. The new policy, first announced in October of last year, was supposed to take effect on January 31st of this year.

Apps that provide real-time services between two people can now be sold through ways other than in-app purchases, in addition to account termination. The guidelines are currently in effect until the end of June.

It was recently stated by Apple that the Software Store will require app developers to make it possible for consumers to deactivate their accounts. Changes to Apple’s developer guidelines were first revealed at WWDC 2021 as part of the new changes. Apps that allow users to create new accounts were also targeted with this feature.

App submissions will be accepted after January 31st, according to Apple. In order to offer developers more time to execute the necessity for account termination inside their apps, the business has now prolonged this step by five months.

As part of its statement, Apple stated that app makers would need to “initiate the deletion” of user accounts. In theory, the term “initiate” would provide developers with the ability to provide users with options other than enabling them to delete everything at once.

Apple, on the other hand, has made it plain that software developers must provide a means to permanently delete user accounts. The option to temporarily disable or deactivate an account is not enough. According to the current declaration, users must be allowed to deactivate their accounts and any associated personal data.

It is advised that apps in “highly regulated businesses” provide extra support processes to validate and expedite the account termination procedure for their users

Users’ account information must also be stored and retained in accordance with any regulatory regulations.

Although it’s notable that this isn’t the first time that Apple has postponed a new regulation, this isn’t the first time that Apple has done so. The function was supposed to go into effect in September 2020, but it was made available in April of last year instead.

With the account deletion enforcement delay granted by Apple, they have also extended the amendment of their App rules that allow in-app purchases to be waived in particular instances. As a rule of thumb, they are best suited for applications that provide one-on-one services between two people (such as tuition or medical consultations).

There has been a delay in implementing App Store Review Guideline 3.1.1, which calls for in-app purchases for apps that offer paid online group services. It has been decided to extend the current deadline to June 30, 2022, because of the recent revival of COVID and its continuing impact on in-person services,

When Apple first announced this change in September 2020, it was to reduce the fee it collects from App Store in-app purchases. After a developer outage over App Store policies, Apple announced a temporary modification. Later in 2021, it was extended even more.

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