Android apps for Windows 11 is all set for public preview

Microsoft has said that it intends to provide a public trial of its Android applications for Windows 11 sometime in February and that the sample will be available to the public. Panos Panay, the president and CEO of Microsoft, verified this in a blog post when discussing the early adoption rate of Windows 11.

When the business introduced its most recent operating system in October 2021, it did so with a completely overhauled UI. When it comes to Windows 11, one of the most notable features is the ability to run Android apps natively on a computer or laptop. The functionality, on the other hand, was not made accessible to users at the time of the release.

Microsoft made this feature available to people who joined up for Windows 11’s Insider Program at a later time but only with a limited number of applications. Fortunately, according to a blog post published by the firm, the next update will provide Android app functionality to “Public Preview” users.

This essentially means that everyone who is running Windows 11 will be able to get Android apps through the Amazon Appstore, which is accessible through a PC. It is possible that one will not be required to register for Windows Insider. Nevertheless, Microsoft refers to this as a “public preview,” which indicates that the functionality may still be in the beta stage. As a result, there will almost certainly be glitches and restricted functionality.

Whether or if Microsoft will provide customers with a broader library of applications with next month’s public preview is still uncertain. The Windows 11 Insider Program included around 50 applications. Aside from this functionality, the business has announced that the future version will offer taskbar enhancements, which will include the ability to mute and unmute individual applications. Another feature likely to be reinstated is the drag and drop capabilities for the taskbar.

The ability to add a weather widget to the taskbar will be available. Notepad and Media Player, two new revamped products from Microsoft, will be released in the coming months. These will include dark modes as well as a design that is compatible with Windows 11.

Apart from that, Panay claimed that the business has seen a significant increase in demand and desire for Windows 11, with consumers taking advantage of the free upgrade offer to Windows 11 at a pace that was double that of the earlier version. Currently, Windows is being used on 1.4 billion devices per month, and the PC industry had significant growth throughout the pandemic period.

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