4 Tips for Creative Thinking

In this article, I’ll discuss 4 abilities that are certain to help you rethink answers to challenges you face and lead to professional success. Creative thinking is something important in one’s life and is an essential part of living standards.

These Four Abilities will Polish Your Creative Thinking

1. Look at things with fresh eyes.

Nest re-imagined the thermostat by approaching it from a fresh perspective. When compared to other people, they had a different perspective on the thermostat.

To make new observations, it is necessary to pay attention to and document the characteristics of a given scenario. Look for things from completely different perspectives. Make a note of everything you’re seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, and maybe touching. Details are the fuel for innovative and inventive solutions.

If you are in charge of improving the patient experience in a doctor’s office, for example, what would you do? The very first notion that sprang to me was to provide considerably more comfy chairs as well as detailed wait time predictions.

The following is a detailed explanation of the waiting room experience by Jerry Seinfeld, which may inspire a unique set of ideas:

“I detest the waiting room because it is called the waiting area, which I find insulting. There isn’t any way around it: you must wait. Why would they take you immediately when they already have this place set up for them? …you’re sitting there, reading your little magazine… You appear to be reading, but your eyes are drawn to other individuals, wondering what he has in his possession. It is possible that they will contact you at some point, and you will believe that you will need to visit a doctor, even if you do not. In the next room, you will find a tiny waiting area where you will be unable to read a magazine because you do not have one. Besides that, you are not wearing pants.”

After reading these insightful remarks, you might wonder: Is it possible to do away with the waiting room entirely? Alternatively, how can we make examination rooms a lot more enjoyable to spend time in?

2. Make No Assumptions about the situation to encourage Creative thinking.

When you want a completely different answer, challenge what you feel you already know. Consider the following scenario: you have been charged with developing a brand-new salad dressing. Just before you continue reading, jot down a minimum of five thoughts. (Seriously. If you are participating in the activity, this realization will be considerably more meaningful.)

Describe the types of ideas you jotted down. A lot of individuals are thinking about new tastes. That’s fine if you want evolutionary change based on well-known assumptions and characteristics, which is possible. The most innovative thoughts need you to practically challenge your current beliefs – for example, salad dressing is cold, it is fluid, and it is also poured over lettuce – to be truly innovative.

You keep the door open to fresh new and potentially effective ideas if you challenge these assumptions (e.g., salad dressings are not cold) (for instance, a pouch of dressing your heating in the microwave).

3. Ideas should be strewn around like confetti during the Super Bowl.

How many of us have tried sitting in meetings where someone says something along the lines of: “The number of sales has decreased. Allow us to spend some time thinking ideas on how to improve the issue.  We’ve tried it before, and it did not work,” are some of the remarks that follow each new concept.

When you’re looking for fresh ideas, set aside some time to brainstorm a large number of them without judging or evaluating them. Now choose 5 or 6 of your favourite colours and experiment with blending them in different ways. You may be shocked by what happens.

4. When it comes time to provide feedback, start with the positive.

An idea may be easily crushed with the right tools. It is more difficult to keep it alive.

A smart method to nurture a notion is to start by looking for a good example of the concept. What are you going to do about it? After then, look for a possible solution. What would we be able to do if this notion were to become successful? Finally, consider the difficulties associated with putting the notion into action, as well as what it would take to overcome those difficulties. In contrast to the traditional method, this one will assist you in retaining thoughts rather than discarding them prematurely. It’ll definitely boost your creative thinking.

Success – both at work and home – is fuelled solely by imagination, and only imagination can fuel success. Furthermore, there is a common misunderstanding that these innovative problem-solving abilities cannot be learned and developed. If you practice these four talents, you will develop into a well-respected creative thinker who is highly sought after as a problem solver both at work and at home.

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