Top 10 series on Netflix in 2022 (February Updated)

Netflix has a reputation for being extremely frugal with its usage of customer data. Director and showrunner have had a hard time evaluating if what they’d put out into the world was reaching its target audience, even. However, thanks to Netflix’s Top 10, we now get a glimpse behind the curtain. There are a wide range of content on Netflix’s Most Popular list, from reality shows to prestige TV, animated kids cartoons to docuseries of every kind. Top 10 series on Netflix and as well as movies as of February 10, 2022.

Top 10 series on Netflix

1) Ozark


This isn’t a Breaking Bad or Weeds parallel that shows up on its own; it is almost a hand-written invitation to join the drug cartel. The Ozark concept indeed sets us up for yet another sharply slanted drop; by now, it is expected that a desperate man’s hidden wickedness will be awakened by the show. To avoid the drug selling anti-hero archetype from becoming tiresome, there are several important components at play. All of these aspects revolve around Martin Byrde, the primary character of Ozark (Jason Bateman).

Almost just like his most well-known character as Arrested Development’s Michael Bluth, we see Bateman here in a dramatic change. Despite his desire to be truthful, Martin is not beyond telling a falsehood if he feels it would benefit the greater good. To put it another way, his family’s well-being comes first. He ends up in the right place at the right time when he stumbles into the possibility to launder money for the second most powerful organisation of Mexican drug traffickers, as he insistently reminds everyone.

“The figures” are what make him a “unique” candidate for the cartel’s charming (and impressively menacing) Chicago liaison, Del, who has a deep respect for the numbers (Esai Morales). Despite this, Ozark is buoyed by the suggestion that the proper person may go bad without completely decaying. Keep-away may be the reason Marty’s hands are always clean (and his head, for now, intact). So far, the narrative is about a guy standing up for what he feels is good in the face of evil. By making its protagonist a nice bad guy—one we can root for—Ozark elevates the anti-hero area we’ve seen before. She’s named after Kate Watson.

2) All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead

Days of Future Past isn’t Netflix’s first foray into the realm of high school students and zombies. A virus created by a biology teacher in the new South Korean coming-of-age apocalyptic series All of Us Are Dead transforms the school into battlefield zero for our heroes.

3) Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias is as cool like iced tea on a hot summer day in the South. After her husband (Chris Klein) cheats on her, Maddie (Joanna Garcia Swisher) is left to pick up the pieces of her once-perfect existence in a tiny town. Based on a series of books by romance author Sherryl Woods. With the help of Cal (Justin Bruening), an ex-Major Leaguer who is now coaching Maddie’s oldest kid in baseball, Maddie can find love again. There is a lot of romance in Sweet Magnolias, but there is also a lot of focus on Maddie’s friendships with her two closest friends (Heather Headley and Brooke Elliott), each of whom has a personal and romantic journey throughout the programme. Kathlin Thomas —

4) Raising Dion

Raising Dion

When Nicole (Alisha Wainwrighthusband )’s Mark (newcomer Ja’Siah Young) dies, she is left to care for their eight-year-old son Dion (Alisha Wainwright) (Jordan). Dion’s superhero-like abilities—telekinesis and teleportation are only the beginning—amplify the stress of raising a child as a single mother. Nicole is now tasked with keeping Mark’s closest friend Pat (Jason Ritter) in the dark about her son Dion’s skills while also trying to uncover the truth about the boy’s origins. Carol Barbee is in charge of the show’s second season, which debuted on February 1 and is based on Dennis Liu’s comic book of the same name. — Vasandani Rachita Vasandani

5) The Tinder Swindler

The Tinder Swindler

On the heels of The Atlantic’s “The Truth About Dentistry” and the New York Times’ “Who is the Bad Art Friends?” VG released a piece titled “The Tinder Swindler” in 2019. In the storey, Shimon Hayut, the heir to an Israeli diamond wealth, is profiled as a guy who spent years pretending to be Simon Leviev. It was only after he gained the trust of the woman he was courting on Tinder and convinced her to loan him thousands of dollars that he was able to woo his next victim.

As is the case with most successful IP, “The Tinder Swindler” was quickly adapted into a documentary by the creators of Netflix’s “Don’t Fuck with Cats,” a deep dive miniseries exploring the bizarre storey of a porn star who became a cat-torturer and, perhaps, a cannibal. Directed by Felicity Morris, The Tinder Swindler is a deliciously high-concept film, reminiscent to Don’t [email protected] with Cats in its frantic pace and amusing tease-out of shocks.

The Tinder Swindler hits all the right notes when it comes to what people want to see in a real crime documentary. It doesn’t go on for more than two hours, so it doesn’t feel bloated. It’s a breezily concise piece. When it comes to what we look for in a document like this: By travelling the world to various locales, Swindler can convey the crime and investigation in a non-distracting manner while maintaining an engaging tone, which is further enhanced by vibrant music.

6) The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Netflix

Although we’re big fans of Kristin Bell, this dark comedy could have used a bit more levity. To gather any traction, the spoof of thirsty psychological thrillers goes too slowly. After “Massacre Mike” killed and ate her kid, Bell portrays a heartbroken mother who is prone to combining alcohol and anti-depressants. This causes her to suffer hallucinations. Consequently, no one believes her when she sees a murder taking place right in front of her eyes. The genre seemed ripe for parody, but this one squandered a golden chance.

7) Murderville

Murderville Netflix

In this six-part comedy series, Will Arnett plays murder investigator Terry Seattle. His ex-partner died 15 years ago (I’ll let the casting on that one be a surprise) and Terry has struggled to establish and maintain another relationship ever since. Invade the stage with a rotating cast of guests Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch and Sharon Stone all appear for one episode each to play Terry’s, potential mate. ‘The Dating Game’ What’s the ruse here? Working from a script, Arnett and the rest of the cast members are In this episode, the guest stars aren’t, so they have to improvise their way through the storey. The first case for O’Brien is the murder of a magician, which he investigates in great detail. Amy Amatangelo, author

8) Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2 Netflix

Once released in 2010, the first Despicable Me drew inspiration from Disney’s Golden Age of Animation with its adorable, precocious children and goofy sidekicks, as well as The Incredibles’ reality-tethered (if tenuously so) superhero science and Marvin the Martian, Spy vs. Spy, and Inspector Gadget’s freed-from-physics antics. In the end, Despicable Me was more of a lighthearted, low-calorie cartoon adventure than a timeless masterpiece for the whole family to enjoy. Despicable Me 2 appears to be the same on the surface.

Ex-arch-villain Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) has given up on his goal to bring the world to its knees in favour of parenting the three young girls who belonged to him in the first film. When it comes to Gru’s old henchman, Dr Nefario (Russell Brand), and his many minions, he’s borrowed a leaf from 1987’s Baby Boom. Because of Lucy (Kristin Wiig), Gru is quickly enlisted to help the Anti-Villain League track down a mysterious new menace, which is good news for the audience (and jelly lovers everywhere).

An “arch-villain to arch-villain” effort has been launched. As in the first picture, there are plenty of shenanigans to be had. Despite this, Despicable Me 2 is still a lot of fun to play. Because it’s a sequel, it has an advantage over the original in that it can begin with the resolution of Gru’s character arc from the previous film—his confirmation as a sympathetic figure via his tremendous love for his children. Part of that advantage may be due to that.

In Despicable Me 2, Gru’s journey from social outcast to minion-infested neighbourhood fixture continues. That everyone, no matter how different they are, deserves to be loved underpins and improves the sequel. Parents and children alike will enjoy the message’s simplicity and lack of sarcasm. Michael Burgin, author.

9) In from the Cold

In from the Cold Netflix

America’s fascination with the concept of Russian sleeper operatives has lasted for a long time. In from the Cold, a Netflix original series is a more contemporary take on the high standards set by the original American series. A former international assassin, Margarita Levieva plays the role of a single mom who is now dealing with the consequences of her actions. As The Whisperer, she will be called upon once more, but this time for the benefit of the CIA.

10) Home Team

Home Team Netflix

In 2012, when the head coach of the New Orleans Saints was suspended from the NFL for placing bounties on injured opposition players, they knew that a Kevin James-starring sports comedy was on the way. Payton’s year off from football, to coach his son’s underachieving squad was inspired by genuine events, and Home Team chronicles that journey. Let the poop jokes flow.

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